Smart Energy Solutions


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We are a consulting company based in the Silicon Valley in California. We specialize in smart energy solutions for grid and microgrid systems.

We develop solutions that align recent advances in research and technology. We work with customers to develop and implement end-to-end solutions. We have implemented a wide range of technology projects in variety of domains.

Experience and Services

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Grid and Microgrid

We have extensive research experience in electricity markets, generation scheduling, power flow, and stability analysis. We have simulated different types of grid and microgrid systems with a mix of generation resources and varying load profiles.

We use proven simulation models that capture the intermittent nature of solar and wind power in an islanded and grid-connected energy systems.

We use non-linear optimization models and exhaustive search algorithms with AI tools to predict power demand and to optimally schedule available generation while meeting power system constraints.

Modeling and Simulation

We develop sophisticated mathematical models and run extensive simulations for a wide range of electricity markets and for diverse power generation, transmission, and distribution systems.

Our models work for large-scale utility grids and small-scale micrograms. We have developed algorithms for load forecasting, day-ahead power dispatch, optimal power flow, and realtime control.

We simulate different market scenarios and energy systems with generation-load balance, spinning reserves, generation and transmission limits, and environmental constraints.

Software Agents

We use open source software to develop custom-fit smart software agents that can be installed at various sites in power grid or microgrid systems. The agents have autonomous capabilities to plan, operate, and control in a market driven distributed power system.

We use secure KQML and TCP/IP protocols for data transfer and communication. We implement specialized authentication tools and encryption models to prevent malicious access to grid and microgrid facilities and resources.

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